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Conference 2023: The Call For Papers is now open!

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The Call for Papers is now open!

Dear all,

We now open the call for papers for the ISSR conference in Taiwan 2023, which will run until 30 November 2022.

You may have a look at the list of sessions, names of convener(s), and abstracts for each of the sessions, and decide to which one you would like to submit your paper.

The proposal (title and abstract up to 250 words) should be in one language only – English or French – in which you would like to present your paper. You can submit one paper only.

You need to be an ISSR member, or renew your membership to submit a proposal, otherwise you will not be able to access the submission page. Visit the ISSR membership page for more information.

Furthermore, in order to remain in the final programme, you must register to the conference once registration opens and pay the conference fee by 15 May 2023.

Your ISSR membership lasts for 2 years. No matter which date you paid the membership fee, your membership starts on the 1st January of the year following an ISSR conference and ends on 31 December of the year of the next conference. For example, those who paid their membership at the 2021 Digital conference are ISSR members from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021.

Please note our team has many commitments in addition to our work in the ISSR. The influx of members contacting us in the final week of the Call to request help accessing their account and/or renewing their membership put serious pressure on our team. We therefore request that you ensure that you can access the website so that you can submit your paper proposal smoothly and without risk of rejection due to late submission. See FAQ for difficulties.

Propose a paper


In 2023, two positions of the Executive board of the ISSR will be vacant - vice-president and general secretary. The council members of the following regions will also finish their mandate: Canada, Italy, Australasia, Nordic Countries, USA, France, and the UK. We need to elect new candidates.

We would like to sincerely thank Véronique Altglas, Lori G. Beaman, Giuseppe Giordan, Ana Halafoff, Mia Lövheim, Yannick Fer, Ingrid Storm and Mary Jo Neitz who have been involved for years and contributed so importantly to the well-functioning of the Society.

We invite members who want to serve the ISSR and are interested in joining the Council or the Executive to seize this opportunity and contact us before 1 February 2023.

Do not hesitate to contact the Vice-President, the General Secretary or your national/regional colleagues on the board so they can explain you what the position implies.

Call for working groups’ online sessions at the 2023 ISSR conference

We invite ISSR members to submit proposals for online working groups as part of the ISSR 2023 conference. These working groups are dedicated to those who are unable to travel to Taiwan for the conference and wish to participate in an alternative manner. ISSR members can organise an ISSR working group session on a specific topic with a limited number of colleagues. These sessions will be included in the ISSR conference program alongside the physical event in Taipei. The ISSR will publicise these sessions as part of the conference on social media and can host recordings, links etc. on its website, if requested. The sessions will be held via zoom or other programs according to the conveners’ choice.

This is the first time the ISSR combines the physical conference with online components. For this reason, the ISSR will select a limited number of online working groups to be part of its event – up to five. We will see for the future conferences if this system will be proposed again.

We expect these workshops to take place between 3 and 8 July 2022, parallel to the on-site conference in Taipei. Each workshop should last up to two hours in order to allow conference participants in Taipei to attend, although we expect the working groups’ organisers to choose a time according to their own location and time zone.

The working group sessions will be selected by a committee composed of two ISSR Council members and a member from the Executive board, using the following criteria:

  1. The proposal needs to demonstrate a sound scientific quality. In case there are very similar thematic proposals it might be suggested to collaborate and merge two proposals.
  2. The convenor(s) need to state why they are unable to travel to Taiwan for the on-site conference, making the online working group the only way for them to participate at the ISSR conference in 2023.
  3. The convenors need to have an up-to-date membership of the ISSR. Participants in the working groups are expected to be ISSR members in good standing as well.

The working groups can be closed for contributors only or opened. If they are open, conveners need to consider the need for potential technical support and enhanced professional licence for the platform (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) due to a large number of participants. An alternative to open working groups is to record the session, which can be posted on the ISSR website. Remember that this might require authorisation in writing from the participants, due to GDPR.

Please submit proposals by email () to the executive committee by no later than 15 December 2022.

Selected working groups’ will be notified by 1 February 2023.


Société Internationale de Sociologie des Religions

International Society for the Sociology of Religion