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2019 Awards winners

ISSR Best Book Award

Genevieve Zubrzycki. Beheading the Saint: Nationalism, Religion and Secularism in Quebec, Chicago, London:  The University of Chicago Press, 2016.

ISSR Best Article Award


Dana Kaplan and Rachel Werczberger. New Age, New Economy, New Middle Class: Jewish New Age in Israel and Politics of Identity », Sociology, 2017, Vol. 51(3): 1-17.

ISSR Best Student Paper Award

Emanuelle Degli Esposti. "The aesthetics of ritual – contested identities and conflicting performances in the Iraqi Shi’a diaspora: Ritual, performance and identity change", Politics 2018, Vol. 38(1): 68-83.

Past winners

ISSR Best Book Award

Véronique Altglas. 2014. From Yoga to Kabbalah: religious exoticism and the logics of bricolage. Oxford University Press.

ISSR International Workshop Funding

2015: "Is Secularism Bad for Women? Women and religious change in contemporary Europe", organized by Kristin Aune (UK), Mia Lövheim (Sweden), Terhi Utriainen (Finland), Alberta Giorgi (Portugal), and Teresa Toldy (Portugal).

ISSR Best Article Award

2015: David Voas, Siobhan McAndrew, and Ingrid Storm (2013) "Modernisation and the Gender Gap in Religiosity: Evidence from Cross-national European Surveys". Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 65(S1):259-283.

ISSR Student Paper Award

2015: Jean-François Bauduin (2014) "Le réseau raélien du monde physique à celui d'Internet : prosélytisme et encadrement des pratiques communautaires". Revue Electronique Réguler le Religieux, Janvier:1-25.

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