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Officers + Committees

  • The ISSR is governed by a General Assembly of members, which meets at biennial conferences.  
  • More frequent governance is provided by an elected Council, which meets yearly. 
  • Decisions between these meetings are taken by an Executive Committee, consisting of the organization's main officers.
  • Day-to-day operation of the Society is handled by the General Secretary, assisted by the Treasurer.


Inger Furseth, University of Oslo, NorwayPresident (2023)
Irene Becci, University of Lausanne - SwitzerlandVice-President
Véronique Altglas, Queen's University Belfast, Northern IrelandGeneral Secretary (2025, second mandate)
Sabrina Pastorelli, CNRS, FranceTreasurer (2025, first mandate)
  • Jörg Stolz (2023)
  • Marian Burchardt (Germany) (first mandate ending 2025)
  • Olga Odgers (Mexico) (first mandate ending 2025)
  • Mar Griera (Iberic Peninsula) (first mandate ending 2025)
  • Ingrid Storm (United Kingdom) (first mandate ending 2025)
  • Kees de Groot (Benelux) (second mandate ending 2025)
  • Yannick Fer (France) (second mandate ending 2025)
  • Rosa Maria de Aquino (Brazil and South America) (second mandate ending 2025)
  • Manéli Farahmand (Switzerland) (first mandate ending 2023)
  • Gergely Rosta (Central Europe) (first mandate ending 2023)
  • Norihito Takahashi (East Asia and Japan) (first mandate ending 2023)
  • Lori G. Beaman (Canada) (second mandate ending 2023)
  • Giuseppe Giordan (Italy) (second mandate ending 2023)
  • Ana Halafoff (Australasia) (second mandate ending 2023)
  • Mia Lövheim (Nordic Countries) (second mandate ending 2023)
  • Mary Jo Nietz (USA) (second mandate ending 2023)
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Société Internationale de Sociologie des Religions

International Society for the Sociology of Religion