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Conference 2023: Call for Papers - 30 November deadline and online workshops

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Call for Papers - 30 November Deadline and online workshops

Dear all,

This is just a reminder that the call for papers for the ISSR conference in Taipei, 4-7 July 2023, will close by 30 November. So please submit your paper proposal before this date and avoid the last 24h rush!

If you want to organise an online workshop as part of the conference, you will find the details and deadline on this page.

You will also find on the ISSR website the list of tours that Wei-Hsian Chi and his team put together for us to discover Taiwan, so check it out here!

You need to be an ISSR member, or renew your membership to submit a proposal, otherwise you will not be able to access the submission page. Visit the ISSR membership page for more information.

Furthermore, in order to remain in the final programme, you must register to the conference once registration opens and pay the conference fee by 15 May 2023.

Your ISSR membership lasts for 2 years. No matter which date you paid the membership fee, your membership starts on the 1st January of the year following an ISSR conference and ends on 31 December of the year of the next conference. For example, those who paid their membership at the 2021 Digital conference are ISSR members from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021.

Please note our team has many commitments in addition to our work in the ISSR. The influx of members contacting us in the final week of the Call to request help accessing their account and/or renewing their membership put serious pressure on our team. We therefore request that you ensure that you can access the website so that you can submit your paper proposal smoothly and without risk of rejection due to late submission. See FAQ for difficulties.

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