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Reminder: Call for sessions until 1st September

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From Wei-Hsian, on behalf of the Taiwan Local Committee

Dear ISSR members,

I hope you have stayed safe during the pandemic.

Having our 2021 conference postponed due to COVID, we are very excited to have the opportunity to host the 2023 ISSR Conference in Taipei now. Here, COVID measures and restrictions are progressively relaxed.

The relationships between China and Taiwan are, as you see in through international news, somewhat tense on the political front. Daily life in Taiwan is, however, unchanged and for the time being and we are confident that the meeting will safely take place as planned. Both the ISSR Executive and ourselves will monitor closely the current conditions.

We are working closely to plan all your needs for next year's conference and everything is on track, including various cultural programs and events to give you the opportunity to experience Taiwanese culture, such as interesting religious tours! In addition to the academic exchanges, you will not be disappointed to come to learn about Taiwan. We hope to see you in Taiwan next year!

All the best,

Wei-hsian Chi
Institute of Sociology, Academia SINICA. Nankang, Taipei

Reminder: The Call for sessions closes on 1 September
You need to be an ISSR member, or renew your membership to submit a proposal, otherwise you will not be able to access the submission page. Visit the ISSR membership page for more information.

We’re so excited, the next ISSR conference, "Religions in dialogue: Transformations, Diversity, and Materiality" will be held in Taipei (Taiwan), 4-7 July 2023! It will be our first conference outside Europe since 2001, held in Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico.

Please submit your session proposal on the website, where you will also find all the information you need about the conference.

Most proposals are submitted 3 days prior to the deadline. This generates an important flow of emails in a short period of time, which limits our ability to respond to your queries in a timely fashion. In order to avoid last hours of panic, we strongly advise you to submit your proposal well before the deadline, 1 September 2022.

The New Researchers Forum is back; explore the beta version!

More than 20 years ago, Jim Beckford who was president of the ISSR at the time asked Véronique Altglas to start a forum devoted to New Researchers working in sociology of religion in order to promote the work of postgraduate students and academics at the beginning of their career. It was initially set up as a Yahoo group. Obviously, this is not fit for purpose anymore.

In order to revive the network dedicated to research students and early career researchers, the ISSR will relaunch specific sessions at the 2023 conference, both in Taiwan and online, so that those who do not have funding to support their travel can participate.

In addition, we have created an online platform of discussions and presentations in various formats in order to facilitate exchanges of ISSR members and young sociologists of religion in particular. We would like to encourage all of you to explore the forum, make use of it, and let us know what works well, what is missing and could be added or improved by emailing us at .

Explore the beta version.


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International Society for the Sociology of Religion