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Important news: The next ISSR conference will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, 4-7 July 2017, and not in Melbourne, Australia


Dear ISSR Members,

We are writing to let you know that the ISSR Executive has made the decision not to hold the 2017 conference in Melbourne. Instead, the conference will be held in Lausanne from 4.-7 July 2017.

Only very recently has it become clear that a conference in Melbourne would not be possible for financial reasons. The Executive has had to decide quickly in order to be able to guarantee a conference in 2017.  

We thank the Australian local committee and its president, Bob Dixon, for their efforts and energy and we will be able to use a considerable amount of their work for the Lausanne conference. We also hope that a ISSR conference in Australia will be possible some time in the future.

The conference in Lausanne will keep the theme "Religion, Cooperation, and Conflict in Diverse Societies". Because of the relocation, we make a second call for session proposals to give members a chance who would consider coming to Lausanne but would not have been able to go to Melbourne.

You can again propose until October 25th:

•    Thematic session - A session with papers on a common theme. If the theme attracts many papers, the thematic session may stretch over several slots.
•    Working Group session - A session of papers presented by those who work together on a specific project.
•    New Research Forum - Intended for students and young researchers (PhDs). The NRF usually have two sessions with a common theme and a session for free papers that do not fit into     the other ISSR thematic sessions.
•    Author Meets Critics session - A session in which an author meets scholars who criticize his/her book and responds.
via our system:
Before that, please consult instructions for conference submissions: https://www.sisr-issr.org/fr/conference/instructions-pour-l-inscription-a-un-systeme-ouvert-des-conferences-religion-cooperation-et-conflits-dans-les-societes-diversifiees

Attention: This is not yet the call for individual paper proposals. The call for paper proposals will be opened in mid-November.

This is a late change of plans and we apologize for any inconvenience to our members. We are convinced, however, that the ISSR conference at the new venue in Lausanne will be a success and we hope very much to meet you there.

With best wishes,

For the Executive of the ISSR

Jörg Stolz
President of the ISSR


Société Internationale de Sociologie des Religions

International Society for the Sociology of Religion