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Rosa Maria de Aquino, born in Recife, (Brazil), has a Doctor’s degree in Social Anthropology from the Federal University of Pernambuco at Recife. She is a tenured professor at Federal Rural of Pernambuco, where, besides being the chairperson of the Social Sciences Department, she also directs the Seminar on Religious Diversity and Intolerance. Her Doctor’s dissertation dealt with race relations in Protestant, mainly Pentecostal, congregations at Recife. She has indeed done research and published many articles and chapters about both so-called « historical » and Pentecostal Protestantism in Northeastern Brazil. Among other subjects, she has studied the change in musical styles (from tradition to modernity) among Recife’s Presbyterians, which was the specific subject of her Master’s degree thesis. She has also worked on both religious pluralism and intolerance, and on syncretism, religion and human rights, etc. She often takes part in scientific congresses both in Brazil and abroad, being a regular ISSR goer. The book that resulted from her doctoral dissertation is in press, as are, too, several of her recent papers, commissioned to her by the mayoralty of Recife, on religious diversity and the risk of intolerance and conflict.


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