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Marian Burchardt

Marian Burchardt

Professional Development

Since 4/2012

Researcher, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity Göttingen, Research Group “Governance of Cultural Diversity“
4/2010 – 3/2012
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the project “Multiple Secularities“, Cultural Sociology, University of Leipzig
10/2009 – 3/2010
Lecturer in Development Sociology, University Bayreuth
4/2009 – 9/2009
Research Fellow, Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB)
2000 – 2009
Consultant, International Development Assistance
2004 - 2009
PhD in Sociology: “Religion and AIDS in South Africa. A Cultural Sociology”; Supervisors: Prof Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (Leipzig) und Prof James Beckford (Warwick), DFG Research Training Group “Critical Junctures of Globalization”, University of Leipzig
MA in Sociology, Media Studies and Political Science, University of Leipzig
Magister Thesis: “Religion and Violence: Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat/India”

Funding and Fellowships

Heinz-Maier-Leibnitz Award for outstanding research (20.000 €) German Research Foundation (DFG).
Supervisor and Consultant in the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundation
2013 and 2014
Fellow of Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation, CONNECT Program, Kyoto, Japan
2012, 2013 and 2016
DAAD Visiting Fellowships at the Canadian Centre for German and European Studies, Université de Montreal, Canada
“CCCS Major Grant“ from Calvin College (Grant Rapids, USA) for a Conference in Uganda ($ 30.000)
DAAD Conference Grant
Volkswagen Foundation, conference funding in Zambia, (€ 48.000).
Irmgard Coninx Research Award and Scholarship, WZB Berlin,

Scientific Reviews

Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIA)
Swiss National Fund (SNF)
German Research Foundation (DFG)
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

Selected Publications

2015 Faith in the Time of AIDS: Religion, Biopolitics and Modernity in South Africa. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Edited Volumes
2016 (with Gal Kirn) Beyond Neoliberalism: Social Analysis after 1989. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
2014 (with Rijk van Dijk, Hansjörg Dilger and Thera Rasing) Religion and AIDS Treatment in Africa: Saving Souls, Prolonging Lives. Aldershot: Ashgate.
2014 (with Monika Wohlrab-Sahr and Matthias Middell) Multiple Secularities beyond the West: Religion and Modernity in the Global Age. Boston and Berlin: De Gruyter.
2014 (with Ines Michalowsky) After Integration: Islam, Conviviality and Contentious Politics in Europe. Wiesbaden: Springer.
2013 (with José Casanova and Irene Becci) Topographies of Faith. Religion in Urban Spaces. Leiden und Boston: Brill.

Journal Articles
2017 (in press) “Saved from Hegemonic Masculinity? Charismatic Christianity and Men’s Responsibilization in South Africa”. Current Sociology.
2017 (in press) “Diversity as Neoliberal Governmentality: Towards a New Sociological Genealogy of Religion”. Social Compass 64(2).
2017 (in press, with Avi Astor and Mar Griera) “The Politics of Religious Heritage: Framing Claims to Religion as Culture”. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56(1).
2017 (with Irene Becci & Mariachiara Giorda) “Religious Super-diversity and Spatial Strategies in Two European Cities”. Current Sociology 65(1), 73-91.
2016* “Recalling Modernity: How Nationalist Memories shape Religious Diversity in Quebec and Catalonia“. Nations and Nationalism. doi: 10.1111/nana.12233.
2013* “Faith-based humanitarianism: organizational change and everyday meanings in South Africa”. Sociology of Religion 74(1): 30-55.
2012* (with Monika Wohlrab-Sahr) “Multiple Secularities. Toward a Cultural Sociology of Secular Modernities”. Comparative Sociology 11(6), 875-909.


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