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Welcome Cocktail

Day:Tuesday 9 July (19h – 20h30)
Place:Pati de les Dones, CCCB

The cocktail is free but we'd be grateful if you could tell us if you intend to be here 

Welcome Cocktail

Gala Dinner

The gala dinner will take place at "Maná 75", an elegant and spacious restaurant located beside Barcelona’s beautiful beach and port. Maná 75 offers both classic and innovative Mediterranean cuisine, and is especially known for its exquisite paella. The restaurant’s indoor space and outdoor terrace provide a lovely atmosphere for enjoying the food and wine, and socializing with other conference attendees. There will be a number of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

Day:Thursday 11 July (20h30)


Ordinary: 43€

Reduced: 38€ (PhDs and nationals of countries with non-convertible currencies)

For the organisation of this dinner, we kindly ask you to indicate, and pay for, your participation.  

If you require additional tickets for a partner or relative, please email us with your requirements. You will then be able to buy extra tickets in cash in Barcelona (within the limits of available tickets).

Gala Dinner
Dietary Requirements

Complementary Activities

The Raval quarter: history, heritage and religious diversity

The Raval quarter combines an array of medieval architecture and modern cultural centres with an industrial and anarchist heritage. As a historical working class suburb, the Raval has become a culturally diverse neighbourhood in recent decades. This guided tour will explore the neighbourhood’s many layers: its history and social composition, its cultural and religious diversity and its political complexity.

Day:Wednesday 10 July
Duration:2 hours
Price:15 €

The tour is sold out.

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A glimpse into the history of Barcelona through its symbolic spaces

The city’s urban landscape and public spaces have evolved through, with and even in spite of religious architecture. Barcelona’s churches, temples, mosques and synagogues have played an important role in the city’s evolution and configuration. In this route, religious and symbolic spaces will serve as a guideline to throw a glimpse into Barcelona’s millennia-old history.

Day:Friday 12 July
Duration:2 hours
Price:15 €

The tour is sold out.

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Collserola: Barcelona’s natural heritage and local wine culture

The Collserola mountain range is an immense nature reserve within Barcelona’s metropolitan area. This route will afford the opportunity to get a taste of nature complemented with a wine tasting and brunch with local products in a restored local wine cellar (Can Calopa de Dalt). Can Calopa is a traditional masia (an old Catalan farmhouse) that combines locally grown and produced wine with a project promoting social inclusion. We will taste their typical wines while enjoying Collserola’s Mediterranean landscape and stunning views of Barcelona.

Day:Saturday 13 July
Hour:9h30 - 13h00
Duration:3h30 hours
Price:30 €

The tour is sold out.

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Audiovisual Ethnography Workshop

A theoretical and practical workshop on how to use visual methods in the study of contemporary religion and how to analyse visual data. The workshop is structured in two parts. The first is the core theoretical part of the workshop in which it will be explored the construction of the perspective of audiovisual research through different theoretical approaches. The second part will be divided in two groups: one group will be focus on how to analyse raw visual data while the other group will group on how to create ethnographic narratives in relation to fieldwork visual data. As these two groups will run simutaneously, you are requested to choose which one you want to attend.

Day:Friday 12 July
Duration:2h30 hours
Price:15 €

The workshop is now sold out.

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