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Conference 2019: Call for Sessions

You can submit proposals until 30th August 2018 (200-250 words in English; please also provide a French translation).

Thematic session - A session with papers on a common theme. If the theme attracts many papers, the thematic session may stretch over several slots.

Working Group session - A session of papers presented by those who work together on a  specific project.

New Research Forum - Intended for students and young researchers (PhDs). The NRF usually have two sessions with a common theme and a session for free papers that do not fit into the other ISSR thematic sessions.

Author Meets Critics session - A session in which an author meets scholars who criticize his/her book and responds via our system.

This is not yet the call for individual paper proposals. The call for paper proposals will be opened in mid-September.

Attention: You must be a member of the ISSR, or renew your membership to propose a draft session.

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